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Princess Hawk

Wow, hard to believe it has been five years since my last post. A lot has happened, obviously not keeping this site up to date (my apologies for any broken links or sold out products), the biggest news is our new addition to the pack; Princess Hawk. Originally my Mom’s replacement dog for her 17 […]

Riverside Car Show with SKETCH n T!

Riverside Car Show 2014 blocks off several blocks downtown so car enthusiast from all over can cruise and park. Sketch and I road through all the classics and picked out the best convertibles of the show and of course the worst picture was the sweetest ride, that Camaro Convertible was siiiick.

Museum of Photography Riverside

SKETCH n T! hanging out in front of the Museum of Photography in downtown Riverside, California. The downtown area has developed a lot over the years and on a day like this is a cool place to explore with the farmer’s market, musicians, a variety of shops and restaurants plus other miscellaneous activities. Best time […]

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