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Princess Hawk

Wow, hard to believe it has been five years since my last post. A lot has happened, obviously not keeping this site up to date (my apologies for any broken links or sold out products), the biggest news is our new addition to the pack; Princess Hawk. Originally my Mom’s replacement dog for her 17 […]

Downtown Riverside Car Show for Charity 2015

OK the site had a viral attack, however I was able to recover with only a few months missing. Coming back big with this video of the Downtown Riverside Car Show for Charity 2015. Blasting a tune from Billy and the Rebels featuring Shaye Taylor.

Thank you for the deer antler!

I would like to give a SHOUT OUT to the hotty boomba lotty in the parking lot of the Rivey Plaza Vons: Thank you for the deer antler! Sketch disappeared for a while after I gave it to him, although you could hear the faint sounds of gnawing in the dark.

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